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My computer/internet's been down for the last few days, but I got it back just in time to tell you all about the ....

Well, I don't suppose getting kicked in the head by one of the Shetlands can be considered wonderful, but that's sarcasm for you.

I'm fine. Head doesn't even hurt. I'm probably going to have a little bruise on my right cheek and temple, but other than that, nothing. One would think getting knocked to the ground and almost stepped on would result in more damage, like a broken nose or something, but I'm not really complaining. Given the fact that I went from looking at the gate, to face first with Abby's back legs in about a second flat, really not complaining.

Was kind of my fault, at least partly. I knew she has a tendancy to pull stuff, and I took my attention off her for a moment to close the gate, and she saw an oppening. On the other hand, I didn't lose the leads. Not quite sure how. Both me and her ended up rolling ass over tea-kettle down the hill (how Apache, the other Shetland, didn't get tangled in us I'll never know) bt I stopped a good fifteen, twenty feet away from the gate, on my back, no glasses.

I'm fine. Probably not even going to get a black eye.
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