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Reach For The Moon
If You Fall Short, You May Land On A Star
27th-May-2013 07:47 pm - Can I run over someone with my jeep?
So, there was this guy I used to work with oh... A good four or so jobs back. Right out of highschool. We flirted for weeks, I broke up with my then boyfriend at the time because of him, because I don't cheat, and I was pretty much out of love with my BF anyway. All over but the crying, literally. (That sounds worse than it was, I swear.)

Anyway, I went on one date with this guy on like a Saturday, and then found out Monday that after our date he went to see his ex (who, I would like to state for the record, I did NOT know was pregnant with his kid at the time.)

Had it out with him, broke it off. Left the job.

Years later, guess who shows up at my current location in a different department? THAT GUY! We nod to each other, never really talk, he leaves. I find out after he left that he told that department that we used to date. I set the record straight, but I get the feeling that they're just humoring me. I mean, he worked with them. Yes, I had been there longer, but still... Ugh

And here's the best part. GUESS who moved into my across the street neighbor's house? Go on, guess. I dare you.

So this fuck head now lives across the street from me. And I find out recently that not only was he telling people that we dated, he told people that we were having sex together, ON THE JOB, and the first place we worked together. Like, in the storage closets.

I just... He's a fucking fuckhead. His GF kicked him out, which is why he lives with my neighbor. I just... really want to run him the fuck over with my car. I don't even want to go in my front yard in case he's outside or looking out a window. I hate that he lives there. I just... Needed to vent for a moment.


ALSO!!!! In the last 2 days, I have seen more auto traffic on my street that I've seen all year. And most of it is going to that house. I just... When I would get out of the pool, I could lay in the street, that's how quiet my street it. And now, there's a car like every 20 minutes. It's freaking me out.
10th-Mar-2013 10:37 am(no subject)
Have made the decision to finally buckle down and WATCH Teen Wolf rather than just read all the Sterek fanfic I can get my hands on. I've done the first ep, but never managed to go back and watch more. Well, no, that's a lie. I've watched chunks of the episodes, but not all in one sit through. There is a high embarrassment factor when it comes to the character Stiles most of the time, and as he's my favorite, some scenes are hard to watch. Like, I've had to pause even the little chunk I've been watching and walk away for a moment.

Which is a major reason I hate watching live tv. If something happens, then I can't just pause it, get up, and come back in a minute. It's suffer through and keep going. But then again, that might actually be better than stewing over whatever it is that bothers me about a particular scene. *shrugs*

But yes, actually watch all the episodes all the way through. Since you know, I know have Teen Wolf Fanfic pending in my GDrive. *hands head*

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So, it's been about a month since my job cut my hours down to only 5 a day, rather than a full 8. It's been... hard. I barely made enough to pay the bills before I lose hours. Now, it's almost impossible. Thank god I have a second job. I may pay the bills a few days late, but they get paid.

Today, the agency girl comes in to give us our stubs, and she has a present for me. It's a $50 gift card, given because apparently I have "Good Attendance".

I just... I need the money, but what the hell? I just want to find a job where I only have to work at one place and can pay all my bills. If that really to much to ask? No more of this Temp agency crap. Because it's the agency that's giving me the card, but my current location that's giving me all the shit. And it's driving me nuts.

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5th-Jan-2013 08:34 pm - Meta Thoughts - LOTR:TT
Watching LOTR:TT, and I occurs to me, that (Movie) Helm's Deep was not designed all that well. I mean, you're backed into a canyon, with a funnel approach. Why the hell to you not have posts on the walls to shoot people riding up to the wall face? Catapults are known technologies, they're used in Minas Tirith. Stick some of those behind your wall and lob fire bombs on approaching armies!

Speaking of the wall, make it higher! It's the OUTER WALL!! That should be at least level with the fricken main keep! And for god's sake, get rid of the hole. If you're going to have an opening that can destroy the entire base, do a better job of hiding it. Otherwise, it's the Death Star all over again.

And put a damn backside to that wall. I mean, for god's sake, all it takes is one miss-step and some pore Rohirrim is going to be pancaked on the ground!


This moment of Meta brother to you by me wanting to see the scene where Éomer first appears, and then just never turning off the movie.

EDIT: Also, Wilhelm Scream appearance!!! By a falling elf no less! *gigglesnort*

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3rd-Jan-2013 05:21 pm(no subject)
Does anyone know of a site where you can search for LOTR fanfic? There is one story that I remember and I have no idea where it is. I can't remember title or author. I think it was on ff.net

Help me f-list! This is driving me nuts!

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1) Be more active fic wise...
I have a lot of writing to do to recover from loosing my fic folder earlier this year, but I have lots of ideas that I never wrote down that are begging to get out. And this year, come hell or high water, I'm doing it.

2) Pay off most of my bills...
There is a definite hope for a new, better paying job in the next few weeks, and I plan on buckling down and plotting out a payment plan that will let me pay off the smaller credit cards and hopefully more off the littler student loans. (Which reminds me, I need to finish that chart that has payment dates and amounts on it so I have excuse for missing things.)

3) Exercise more...
There is a gym in town that is reasonably priced, and I do have a Wii fit, so one way or the other, I plan on getting into better shape. Not that I'm out of shape at the moment, but I want to be able to play with kids for more than 2 minutes with out getting tired.

4) Get out more...
I want to DO things this year. Take Yoga lessons, go to a pottery class, meet people and hang out and generally be somewhere other than my house every day after 4pm. Not that I don't love my family, but I want to do things other than see them all day long. (Sadly, this one is kind of dependent on the new job. I barely have money to pay the bills at the moment, but as soon as I do... Yoga is top of the list!)

Most of these should be easy to pull off. The kicker is just starting them. Wish me luck!

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29th-Dec-2012 07:29 pm(no subject)
I live!

Things have been.... stressful in my family as of late. We lost my Grandmother at the end of October to old age/Alzheimer's, and then 5 weeks later, my Uncle lost his fight with lung cancer.

I just, haven't really been in a chatty, fic writing mood. I'm hoping the job interview on Monday goes well, so that I can get the hell out of my shithole of a job and tell the office that I've been half-timing in that I have somewhere full and don't need them any more. Because as nice as my new boss is, I can only take 14hr days for so long.

Things that are new:

I have a new car! A Jeep Compass, 2007. Red, sun roof, 6 cd changer. I like, though it's been odd adjusting from my Grand Cherokee. (Yes, they are both Jeeps. I live in New England. SUV's and trucks are a requirement. None of this car crap. We get snow out the wazoo, I need something that can clear a snow bank without a plow.)

Have a 3rd job, as mentioned above. Another lawyer, who is super nice, and wants me full time, but can't do insurance or take taxes out of my pay. I'm not paying in at the end of the year with no insurance. Hence, Job interview on Monday. It's another temp agency, but this one should get me temp to hire with an actual hire, rather than cutting my hours, as current job has done.

Thank god for other part-time, as I can actually pay the bills. Kinda. Some are a day or two late as I wait for pay-day, but they get paid.


Anyone doing anything good for New Years? I think, after we finish moving the aunt into her new house, we're just going to sit on her couch and watch the ball drop. I'm all for sleeping there and then hanging out on Tuesday, but we'll see.

Hope to get the fic juices going. I have a Bond/Sherlock that looks promising, I just need to flesh out a few things. It's been hard to find the drive since I lost all my old fic. 10+ years of stories gone. I just kinda gave up after that. Maybe Bond/Lock will get it going again.

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26th-Nov-2012 09:48 pm(no subject)
Dear New Boss:

If you're not going to be at work, please to be letting me know, so I don't sit in your drive way (again) for 40 minutes freezing my ass off while you never get back to me.

Also, as this is the second time you have left me cooling my heels (read freezing my tits off), I'm looking for other part time afternoon jobs to pay for my new car with.

Since you know, your job was supposed to do that, which is kinda hard, as I'm not WORKING!

Also, thank you ever so much for never getting back to me at all today, and for not telling if I'm working tomorrow, or if you're just going to keep ignoring me.


Sent message to part time boss, who never responded ONCE to the THREE different texts I sent to them about working today. AS this job is paying for my new vehicle, you can see why this is a problem.

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I just....

Went for a job interview today. And while YAY! I got the job, it wasn't what I though it was. I had though that it would be full time in a law office. And while it is in a law office, it's part time, three days a week, on top of my regular job. Which , I still have to keep, dammnit! I was so looking forward to walking into work tomorrow and telling them to suck it.

This is the place that has promised to hire me on full time several times for the last two years. Every time, it fell through. Or something came up. Or they just never got back to me. Or the fact that I passed on a change in departments two years ago meant that after I was forced into a change a year ago I was refused a chance to be hired due to the original refusal.

I just.... really wanted this to work, so that I could tell my job that I don't need their bullshit and broken promises. I want to work somewhere I actually want to go in, not somewhere where the though of work makes me ill.

If you look at the definition of crap luck, then guess who'll have a picture right there.

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26th-Oct-2012 11:10 pm(no subject)
What a horrible week. Between my Grandmother passing last Thursday (I'm fine. No, really. This was more of a mercy passing than anything else. She had Alzheimer's, and had a stroke back in April. Trust me, what she was doing wasn't living. And it was super quick. The nursing home said it looked like a massive heart-attack and she was gone in a manner of minutes.) and then essentially being told "Sorry for your loss, you get no bereavement, enjoy your unpaid time off", by my job.... Yeah.

Let me tell you, having to go in for overtime on Saturday just to get paid for a full week? Blows chunks. Took Friday off though. I was going to work, if only for the distraction, but Mom wanted me home to help clean and get things ready. And then just sat on the couch with her once she got most of the Funeral things planned, and just hung out with her. I would have loved to be with her more this week, but of course, this is the one week of the year where we have 4 10hr days and then Friday off.

So me having to work today wasn't overtime, but again "Get as close to 40 as I can."

And of top of that, the ass-hat that I was paired with for counts today... So I was farmed off to another department by my supervisor in a converted effort for me to get as many hours as I could. Which meant that I ended up helping the drivers inventory their trucks. And by that, I mean that I got to sit there and wait for him to tell me what a part was and to divide everything up because I had no idea what anything was, since you know, I was in a completely different area. I mean, I work with the coin side of my job. This is bar-guns (those things at bars and restaurants that waitstaff use to get soda and such. And vending machines.)

I thought me manager was going to pop something when he came over at 3 (I was leaving in like a half hour), and found me counting and the rest of the guys just standing around smoking. I though he was going to pop something. That was it though. I just grabbed my stuff and left early. I mean, I was taking time out of my day to help you, and you just stand around and let me do all the work?

Please, please, let me get a callback somewhere soon. Or I'm liable to just quit and then get into fist-fights with my debtors.

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24th-Sep-2012 07:38 pm - *quietly cries*
Chance Riley Siok


01/25/1998 - 09/24/2012

My Chubbers. He had the best personality. Smart, stalwart, loving, and loud. Never met a dog-treat he didn't like. Hogged the end of the bed like a dog twice his size. I had 14 good years with him, and I can't believe that when I go home tomorrow, he won't be there, begging to be fed.

But he's not in pain anymore, and he's with his mom, dad, and the rest of his litter-mates.

Mom loves you Stubbs.

My fat dogCollapse )

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22nd-Sep-2012 09:34 am(no subject)
UGH! Why do some people insist on making the lives of other people hard?

So, I took Thursday morning off so that I could go to the police station and get my Class A license paperwork done and then head into work. Only, the only person that could do the paperwork had taken a vacation day (she had been listed as working, which is why I marked it off).

Que me missing almost 2hrs of work for nothing. Thanks man.

Thankfully, she was there yesterday, and I ended up going in the afternoon. And YAY! All done and filed. Now I just have to wait for Boston to get my fingerprints and check them to make sure I'm really who I say I am.

Dear Boston, for once in your life, HAUL ASS!! I don't want to have to wait freaking 8 weeks for you to check all this out. Not to mention we can't get anything transferred into my name util this is done. But I can still go to the range with my Uncle. I can fire under his license, and the fact that I filled out the forms for my license means I can shoot with that? IDK. My safely course was a while ago. *don't tell*

Just waiting on Boston now. Though if it takes more than 10 weeks to hear from them, I'm supposed to call, because Boston might have sent my license to another town. How they can mess up my town's name I don't understand. It's only 4 letters!

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20th-Sep-2012 10:02 am(no subject)
Get to go in late tomorrow so I can head to the local Police Station and fill out the paperwork to get my Class A License. Hopefully, the officer that takes the pictures and gets everything together will be there early and I can get this all done quick like and then head to work. I had intended to take the whole day, but that plan fell through. So now I get to head in to work after I finish.

Hopefully I'll get to be able to work The Big-E again this weekend. I damn sure need the money, though if I do, it'll probably mean that my aunt had to stay home again to take care of my uncle. And while I want the money, I don't want him sick and hurting.

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18th-Sep-2012 09:10 am(no subject)
Does the fact that MassDOT keeps telling me that the number on my ticket isn't on file mean that I don't actually have to pay it? Because a $300 speeding fine is a lot of money.

And if I do have to pay it, can you post the fucking number already? I have two days to pay, and you not having the number makes that hard to do. I don't want to loose my license because you assholes miss-filed some paperwork.

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6th-Sep-2012 09:56 pm(no subject)
New Computer tomorrow!!!!

Mom signed over the "Oh God, my daughter's pregnant" AKA - "That savings account that she set up and put a little money into every paycheck for things related to me, and then dipped into over the years to pay bills and stuff, and there is now way less that when it was full, but still enough to get my new computer and have some left over", account over to me.

So, I get a new baby. It's a HP, which I haven't have yet. I started with a Compaq all those years ago, and then have had Dell's for my last three computers. 8GB Ram, 750GB HD. i5 processor.

Windows 7, which I like. Don't laugh, I have literally had XP for the last 10 years or so. I missed the last two upgrades, and have no plans to switch to 8 unless someone tells me that it's the second coming of operating systems.

The kicker is going to be transferring everything off of this one onto the new one. Because this laptop really only works in safe mode. I foresee much cursing and yelling and throwing of thumb drives over the coming weeks or so.

But still, NEW LAPTOP!!! Money in savings account. Now, all I need is a new job, and things will be looking up!

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The 250th Hardwick Town Fair kicked off today. It's the longest consecutively running town fair in the USA. Comparatively speaking, it's a small fair. Only three hours on Friday night, and about 6-8 on Saturday. It takes place on the town common, witch it's self is tiny. There is space enough for about 10 booths, the town fountain, the frog jumping competition (in it's 36th year!), and a hay bale course for kids to navigate.

Most of the events happen tomorrow. Lumberjack was tonight, but the tractor pull, frogs, tennis, running, and 4H things are all tomorrow. The only other thing besides lumberjack today was you found out what ribbons you got for crafts and food entered.

I had entered three snowmen that I made, and won third in my group! Would have loved first, but I'm just happy that I won something. Next year I'll try again. *grins* I have to go back tomorrow to pick up my stuff.

While I'm glad I won, I wish the rain hadn't been so bad. It was coming down in BUCKETS here!!! Thunder and lightning made things a little hairy there for a while. The water was ankle deep in some places from less than an hour's rain. I mean, we were driving up there, and I turned around in the car, and I could not see the hill behind my car because the rain was coming down so hard all I saw was a wall of white. The hill was less than a quarter mile away!

On the way home, we got stopped as a giant branch (more like a small tree) was blocking the road. Mom was all for turning around, but my brother was all "Pftt! I can move that sucker." Mom looks at him, and is in the middle of turning the car around when Little Brother see's two other guys trying to move the limb.

A second later an he's off like a shot out the door, and the three of them are dragging the thing to the side of the road. Keep in mind that it is still raining like the second coming of Noah's great flood out there. But, they managed to clear the road.

(Poor little brother no sooner got home after he and mom got home than he had to go BACK out in the storm to rescue my aunt, who's car had died and was now stranded at a gas station. I'm thinking of getting him a trophy. World's best little brother, or something like that. LOL. after tonight, he deserves it!)

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My yesterday... Oh yesterday. In which case there were threats, police, water everywhere, and restraining orders. Let me start from the beginning.

I could not make this shit up if I tried.Collapse )

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15th-Jul-2012 02:56 pm(no subject)
Sex toy party went of without a hitch last night. BFF and I co-hosted, which means that after all was said and done, we had a $104 to split between us.

Just think, if everyone that was SUPPOSED to show up had, we might have doubled that. But I digress.

Spent a good chunk of the morning putting the house back to rights. Dragged all the furniture back to it's proper place, put the spare chairs back in the basement, and all that is left is the dishes. Which I will do later, as I hate doing the dishes and will put them off like no ones business.


In other news, I have managed to upgrade my baby to Windows 7. This means that thankfully, I have wireless again. It also means that I have been shifting files and deleting things all afternoon. But... My laptop works again!

I now have to adapt to a new operating system. I've had XP for so long. And managed to skip right over Vista. Thank god mom and little brother have updated systems. I have some idea of how to work this OS.

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12th-May-2012 10:11 am - *waves hand* Hey guys, I'm alive.
So, as those who have me on Twitter know, my grandmother suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. Before you all panic, it was extremly mild. She lost little to no motor function, and her speech isn't impaired. What it did do, it ensure that she was placed in a long term care facility minus the year wait period she would usually have to go through.

It could have been worse, but in all honesty, this is kind of what we were hoping would happen. Something minor, that caused no permanent damage, that would get her into the kind of facility where she would have 24hr round the clock care. We got lucky, in that my mother was still here when ba had her stroke. The two of us were able to carry her across the house and get her to the couch. If I had been alone, then it would have been so much worse.

I'm not a large person, I'm 5'3", and weight about 110-120lbs. My grandmother, weights about as much as I do. And while I'm strong, there is no way I can dead lift my body weight when that weight is struggling. Which is what we had to do. I had her against my chest, and my mother had her feet. But we got her to the couch, and then laying down.

About an hour later, she woke up puking, and the rest of the night was spent calling family, the ambulance to come take her to the hospital, of which there were TWO that night, and a responding cruiser! My driveway was first responder central that night, let me tell you.

(No names, but I have never been so happy as when I opened my Grandmother's door that night, and saw my mother's neighbor standing outside my door. She is an EMT in town, and is amazing, and I can not begin to tell you the weight that lifted from my shoulders when I saw here there, because I knew she would take amazing care of my Ba for me.)

Tests, tests, and more tests, and we still didn't have a definitive answer when we all went home at 1am. But yeah, stoke, and placed in a care facility.

I know I've been silent here, and to be honest, it's because I've been relearning what it means to have a life again. For a year, I went to work and then came home and sat on the couch. And while I still do that, I can take my time and go shopping, or out to dinner with friends, or go see a movie without cross checking with other people that there is coverage at my Grandma's house.

I want to feel guilty about it, the fact that I'm glad she isn't my responsibility any more, but you know what? I gave her a year. A hard one, where I put everything aside and cared for her to the best of my abilities. And it wasn't what she needed. We all knew it. Not for lack of trying, but if this stoke had happened after I had gone to bed, she would have fallen and cracked her head open in the bathroom. I know this for a fact, and it was only my mother diving across the bathroom and catching her that prevented it from happening that night. I was upstairs putting something away, and I could hear her screaming from across the house.

I couldn't stay up all night, and I couldn't do anything for any injury she would have gotten if she had fallen. At least now, there is someone with her awake at all times. With medical training. And I? I can actually sleep for more than 4 hours at a time and not feel this crushing guilt that I might miss her hurting herself and it would be all my fault.

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15th-Apr-2012 09:20 am(no subject)
Stolen from [personal profile] james

[personal profile] crowgirl13 has a 'Whatever you need' post going on at their journal, and I stuck a request in here.

It's basically just asking for Skype friends. People to talk to after 7:30-8:30pm EST (I live in MA), after she goes to sleep, but before I go to bed.

It gets lonely here. I'm a very social person by nature, but she needs 24hr care. And she can not be left alone, as she will not clean up after herself or feed herself or anything. Assisted Living Facilities (Nursing homes) aren't really an option, as they have a year waiting list to get in, unless she falls and breaks something and then gets put in for rehab or medical care.

So, friends list, Skype name is crys_heaven. Feel free to call whenever you see me online if you want. I make a great spring board for fic, have good shoulders to cry one, and absorb venting rants like a sponge.

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12th-Apr-2012 07:30 pm - YAY!!! It's here!
So, it's kinda creepy just sitting there on the top of my laptop, but my new webcam is finally here. It has a mic built in, so no more hauling head phones out every time I want to say anything, which is kinda cool.

It also can record in HD, which is cool. Not that I'm gonna use that feature, but still!


So, aside from staring that that unblinking eye on the top of the screen, I was so bored at work I managed to longhand TWO fics where Tony Stark is turned into an otter. Typing them up now. Because I have no shame.

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7th-Apr-2012 05:36 pm(no subject)
Had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at my Aunt's house today. There were a good 25 kids, which makes me extra glad that my cousin (aunt's daughter) hid 1000 eggs in the hay.

It was great. Me and Littlest Nephew made a great team. Together, we got 37 eggs, not counting the ones we gave to his brothers, and other little kids that were looking around us. I think that made us the winners over all, but my cousin only had prizes for metallic eggs (of which we had none) and lease eggs.

Ba went up with us, and had a blast watching all the kids. I'm just happy that she was happy to be out. And that it was so warm, when the wind wasn't blowing like crazy. It made burning all the hay at the end of the search sooooooo much easier. LOL

Of course, that was after we had a huge hay fight (and by that, I mean me, two Oldest Nephews, their step-sister, and another child). It was the cutest thing when Littlest Nephew ran up with a handful of hay and pegged me with it after his two brothers got me. No, really. I got pegged in the face by the two oldest, and then here comes my birthday buddy, maybe four pieces of hay in his hand, and then he just kinda lobs them in my general direction, shrieks in laughter, and bolts for freedom. I nearly died.

Biggest nephew got punched in the nose by middle nephew and had blood poring down his face. It was funny only because he said it didn't hurt, and after checking nothing was actually broken, started running around with tissue stuffed up his nose. The best was when he ran up to his grandmother (my aunt) asked if he was still bleeding, and when she said no, pulled the tissue out, dropped it in her hand, and then took off running again.

My boys play hard, yest they do. But then again, this is the kid that fell down the stairs in his house, broke his arm, got a cast, went home, pulled it off THAT DAY, went back to the hospital, went back home, PULLED THAT ONE OFF AS WELL a few days later, and was finally told to just let the damn thing heal without a cast. His brother took a swan dive off the couch into the toy box and smashed his nose open on a book. Had to go down the aisle at his parents wedding with stitch in his nose and a giant blood clot in his nostril. And littlest one managed to stab himself in the throat with a pencil a few weeks ago.

I swear to god, if I didn't know my cousin, I would wonder about them. But she's a wonderful mother. Her kids are just bruisers. I have seen them take falls that would have my crying in pain and just get up and keep running.

But I digress. Easter Egg hunt was a smashing success. We pissed off my aunt's landlord when we set the hay on fire (which actually is a win in out books, because the man is an unmitigated prick and an asshole), and no one tried to pull the Easter Bunny's tail off. Which is a good thing, because TS, the guy who has been the bunny like 15+ years, can be cranky, but is a great guy.

Have to make stuffed strawberries tomorrow morning. Crawling upstairs to work on my taxes and get some sleep. Maybe watch Hulk or Iron Man 2. I need to get Marvel movie cannon straight in my head. Have an idea, want to see if I can make is jell. I can already tell that Avengers is going to fuck the idea behind it up, since Tony and Bruce don't seem to know each other in the film, but whatever. That's what fanfic is for!!!

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I've made no secret about the fact that I hate my job, and I'm looking for a new one. So when my brother told me that they were hiring at his job, I pounced on it. I called my best friend, to ask if I could use her father as a reference since he works there as well. The conversation went thus...

Me - Hey, can you ask your dad if I can use him as a refrence?

BF - Why?

Me - There is a job opening in the office at (place where he and brother work)

BF - No.

Me - No? Why not?

BF - Because I'm going to use him.

Me - What?

BR - I've been trying to get in there for years.

Me - So let me get this straight? You're now going to go for the job that I told you that I'MM going for?

I just... Who fucking does that? She knows I'm trying to get out of my current location. And yes, so is she, but she just fucking got promoted. And now she's going after a position that I want? And the only fucking reason she knows about it is because I told her!!!

Some fucking best friend. Good to know where I stand with her.

Roll over to today. I get a text from BF telling me that the position has been filled. I wait for dad to call his childhood classmate that works in the office. She confirms. DAMN. Funk ensues.

Then, near the end of the day, I get a text from my mom, telling me to call my brother. I do, and come to find out, the little shit pumped into the Vice-President of the company, and mentioned that I was putting in my application and resume (this was early in the morning. He goes in for 3am.) Said that I can do office work, pay-roll, and other stuff. And VP said that while the other job was filled, I was to put my resume in, and they would see what they can do for me.

*incoherent dolphin squeaky noises of gleeeeeeeeee*

There isn't a fucking chance on the planet I'm saying a word of this to BF. Right now, I'm tweaking my resume again, and writing an open ended cover letter, since there isn't an actual position that I'm going for.

*crosses fingers* Which me luck!!!

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15th-Mar-2012 09:54 pm(no subject)
I have green nails in honor of St. Patrick's day this Saturday. I mean, like sparkly green, not Kelley green, but still. Working the Holyoke Parade this Sunday as well, so I painted them for that. I also have green beads, a green shirt, green fake crown headband, and green feather earrings.

I'm not going to have a voice for the next few weeks after this. The weather is going to be amazing, in the 70's. The first time I did the parade, we had a foot of snow in the ground, and I spent every free second tucked up against the fryer in the back of the joint freezing my ass off.

This year, I think my main worry is going to be sweating it off. And I don't want to think about the lines. I've had parades where the lines at my window were 25' long for seven hours straight. And I've had parades where I had 20 minutes between customers.

I get the feeling this one is going to be the former. I really hope that I don't have to pee at any point on Sunday after we open. We have an agreement with the house across the street. Free unlimited access to their bathroom, for free unlimited fried-dough for whoever is at their house. While this means that sometimes $40 of dough goes out the window, it means that after the 5th round of jello shots makes it way over, and the jumbo coffee I had to kick start my day starts banging on my bladder, I won't die before I get home.


Managed to write 1300 in fic today. All in one sitting, which I am rather proud of. It's shameless 'make myself happy' fic, in which Ezra Standish from Mag7 tv is a Fire Master from Mercedes Elemental Masters series. Vin Tanner is an Air Master, and if you have ever read those books, you know what that means. *vbg*

Been chewing through my smaller fandom fics that are stagnating in my WIP folder. Bourne, Naruto, Dresden Files, and Mag 7, just to name a few. It's not a lot of progress, but it's chipping away at what I have to finish.

I just need to learn how to write smaller fics, not the large sweeping arcs that always seem to float up. Snippets and drabbles girl.

*eyes WIP folder again*

Yeah, who am I kidding. Though there are a few smaller ones in there. Maybe I'll pop one of those open later and try to spit something out.

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Home sick today. In that, I called out from work because I woke up with a stress headache that could fell an elephant, and feeling that I was about to puke up a weeks worth of meals.

I know why I feel like that. Yesterday, I had a girls day planned with my best friend. My mother was an hour late to relieve me, so there was the start of the stress. I left in a bad mood, and while the rest of the day went okay, I got a text from her that Ba nearly fell in the bathroom after I left.

This, after she fell a few weeks ago and had to have her second ambulance ride of the year to the ER.

As mom was leaving, she asked me to keep an ear open, and I said that I would try, but I slept up stairs, and might not hear her. And no, I wasn't going to sleep on the couch in-case she got up. Because she was going to get up. She always does. And if I slept there once, I would have to do it every night, and quite frankly, I'm fucking sick of this.

I am sick of her falling, and nothing being done. She needs 24hr round the clock AWAKE care. She needs someone there that will help her at 2am, and quite frankly, I am done.

I was in sobbing tears last night because I just wanted to sleep in a bed, but I was terrified that she was going to fall and I wasn't going to hear her, and she was going to spend the night on the floor. And then I felt guilty, because health is important, and I should get up to help her, but I'm just so tired from always getting up. And then I was angry, because my aunt and uncle were supposed to move in and help, but he has cancer so he's not much of a help, and here comes the guilt and the anger and the frustration and the stress and everything all over again.

Which is why I was sobbing in the bathroom last night, and stayed home today. Because I can't even think about this without sobbing all over again. *wipes nose*

I broke down at Mom's work this morning, since I had to stop to fax something, and just lost it again.

I physically can't keep this up. i have headaches from the stress and clenching my jaw from anger and frustration and crying, and my stomach is always in knots and I just want to pack all my shit up and move somewhere far away where no one knows me and hide until they deal with this shit.

So here I am, at my parent's home, since I couldn't stay with my grandma any more today, and sick over the fact that I have to go back, dripping snot and hiding from the world for a little while.

I don't know what it's going to take to make them act. Does she actually have to hurt herself falling? Do I have to have another screaming breakdown? Have them once a day until they get so sick of dealing with me I make them hate me enough to act? Because right now, I am willing to do that. I'm so fucking done with this, that I'm willing to drive spikes into everyone of my family relationships,and salt the earth, just to make it all stop.

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