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Mother fucking fuck. I hit Ba earlier. Not hard, nothing more than a swat on the butt. But I did. And it wasn't even a conscious thing.

She had been having a good night. Her nurse had fed her before I got home, and she was sitting at the table while I did house work. Come 6:45, I helped her into the bathroom, and then ran to throw a load of laundry in.

Came back upstairs, and she was trying to pull her pants up without pulling her underwear up. I reached over to help her adjust the front of her clothes, and she just reached out and smacked my hands, then tried to swing at my face. I reared back, surprised. I mean, the last time she did that, I had been arguing with her in the bathroom for nearly a half hour, not just walking in the room with no warning.

Got over it, and tried to help fix the back of her pants, since her underwear was still down. She tried to hit me again, and I just reacted. Reached out and swatted her on the butt like I would if one of my nephews had tried that crap.

Once her clothes were settled and she was washing up, I called my mother in tears, who said that she probably would have done the same thing. I mean, it wasn't even a conscious decision. Just a reaction to the fact that someone was trying to hit me, so I smacked back.

Got her settled on the couch, and then shook for a good half hour.

*still a little freaked out*

God, I have never hated my temper more. Or my reactions to certain things.

Fuck this, I'm going to bed. I can't deal with this tonight.

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I don't even know how to explain why I'm ready to scream my head off. Just that if I have to deal with my Aunt's condescension at any point at all today, after taking heaps of it yesterday, then I may just as well go hug a cinder block and jump off a bridge, for all the good it will do me.

For years, my aunt has said that she is moving into my Grandmother (Ba's house). Obviously, it hasn't happened yet, which is why I'm here. And that is stress point number one on the list, as I was bitching for YEARS before I had to move in that Aunt and Uncle needed to move in to care for her, and all I heard was "They're not ready / Ba's not ready / They'll do it next year (5 years running) / Stop being a pain in the ass!!!" There is a whole host of other things going on with that theme, but it would take far to long to explain, and I would sound like a whinny brat listing every little thing. Just know that it's been 5 years of little shit like a phrase here and a look there that is finally coming to a boiling head.

Yesterday, we went to the RV show at the Eastern States grounds, and I asked if/when everyone was coming over today. Namely, if my brother wanted to come up for lunch before everyone else and chop wood (we've taken a few trees down in the back, and he chops a little each week, to get it cut and stacked for summer camping season). He shrugged, but my aunt snorted and said that I just didn't want to be alone at the house. And that was the straw that broke this camel's back.

I whirled on her and snapped that she was right, I didn't like being alone in the house with just my grandmother. Which she had damn well known, as I've never hidden the fact that being by myself all the time here is something that I've come to HATE. Hence me asking them if they want to come up on weeknights as well as during the week."

(She just doesn't get it. I don't care if they just sat at the table with me and Ba and didn't say a damn word, I just want someone there that would answer with words that made sense rather than asking the same question over and over, or who didn't know me, or who yelled because I wouldn't let her go to a house she hadn't lived in for 60 years to parents that have been dead for longer than I've been alive.)

Mom made soothing motions, and I think she was relieved that she was between me and my Aunt, because I was NOT HAPPY, and am sick of not showing it. I'm tired of being here, as horrible as it sounds, and I'm done with hearing that something is going to happen, and then just being told to stop making problems. Because it seems like making problems is the only way I get a damn thing out of anyone as of late.


Fast forward to a few hours later, and we're all down here at Ba's for supper. My Aunt's daughter came over, and had to listen as Mom tried to get Ba to go the bathroom. My Aunt looked at her and said "See what Kristin has to deal with?" Cousin responds that she couldn't do it, and that she didn't know how I did. My response, "There's no one else available, but I'm not really happy about it, so...." And yeah, didn't that get me a few looks.

Over dinner, my uncle joked that when they moved it, they're moving me out of my room into the little bedroom (which is about 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long, NO JOKE, from my room that is like 4 times the size of that. Again, sick of swallowing my tongue, I said that "For that to happen, you guys would actually have to have moved in. Since that's isn't likely any time soon, I'm not too worried about it." Cue glares again from Mom and Aunt, and a look that was half amusement half worry from my Cousin.

My uncle asked how sure I was of that, that they could move in next weekend. I said if that was true, I would have my shit from the front bedroom (I've been using it for yarn storage and Wii parts), in a hot minute, and help pack up their house to get them down here. The table just laughed, but I was serious, and said as much. All I got was a pat on the head and a yeah right.

***This part cut due to discussion of guns and a real life incident where a child was killed by one due to accidental self infliction. Be warned, I am angry and sarcastic in my telling of the incident, but that doesn't detract from my horror of what happened, or how much I grieve for the family, despite not knowing them. I am using it as an example, that is all. If that might trigger, then skip it.***

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And the worst part is, it won't matter what I say or do in any of these situations, because I'm just the kid that takes care of Ba in her day to day life, and they're the adults that deal with everything else like bills and medical care, and the important stuff.

*puts her head down and tries not to cry*

And fuck me, summer is coming. I don't think I can do this again, where everyone is gone all weekend, and I'm the only one in-state while the rest get to go to the beach and drink and have all these times together. And yeah, it's not every weekend, and yeah, I get to go as well, but it seems like every time I go, it causes such an problem to everyone else to arrange coverage for me, that I hate asking.

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17th-Feb-2012 10:30 pm - M'alive. Kinda.
This have been.... interesting around here as of late. I think this is the least I've seen my Ba in a week since the week I was out of the country! Between her going out Wednesday, sleeping like the dead yesterday, and me working late today at second job, I haven't seen her for more than an hour since Tuesday. And I live with her!!!

Off to the RV show at Easters States tomorrow. We're looking for a trailer for our site in NH that has two bedrooms. One for my mother, and one for her sister, so when they come up with their spouses, my aunt actually has a bed to sleep on, rather than a couch.

We saw an awesome one last year that in hind sight, we wished we had pursued, but never did. Maybe this year we can find something like it, and then go from there.

Ba will of course come first. She's been on a slow decline for a while now. God help me come summer, because I don't think I can do this again for another season like last year. With both Mom and Aunt gone at the same time, and me alone from mid-Friday to late Sunday. And when I said as much to Mom tonight after getting home from tax-time with other-boss....

Yeah, not going there. Sufficed to say, thing were said that were stressed induced, stress related, and stressed filled bitterness under-laced.


Anyway, happy place now is Arthur/Eames. I have a few mid-movie drabbles percolating in the WIP folder, and a steadily growing pile of post-it note snippets (there the only thing I have to write on at work. Thank god my handwriting is so damn small...) that I have to transcribe and flesh out.

If I can swing a new job in the next few weeks, I'm getting a netbook. As much as I love my giant laptop, it sucks trying to write on it in bed. It's just too heavy. And forget taking it anywhere. The damn thing is like 10lbs! Not an easy carry, for sure.

Any ideas from those that have one? I'm trying to decide between a HP and a Dell. Aceus will never, ever happen. We have them at work, and if I could get away with lighting mine on fire and dancing around the ashes, I would. Baring that, I'll settle from that scene from Office Space. I know my brother has a spare baseball bat around somewhere. I think I have an old softball one in the shed at home.

Off to bed. Neighbor's child is watching Ba tomorrow for us, and she'll be here at 10am. if I can get a little sleep tonight, I want to.

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12th-Feb-2012 12:42 pm(no subject)
Someone explain to me why I thought clothes shopping with my mother would be a good idea? I should know after all this time that her styles and mine are VASTLY different, but I still hold out hope that she and I can at least reach an agreement.


One of these days it's going to sink in and then I'll be able to shop with her without getting an ulcer. Or caving and going to stores I don't even like, just to make her happy.

I swear, if one person shows me a cardigan in the next few days, I'm lighting them, and the damn thing on fire.

That being said, I did get three new pants, a pair of super comfortable flats, and a shirt yesterday. Okay, two pants and a pair of coral beach capris, but the capris were cute! And I needed cute after that clusterfuck of a shopping trip. I mean, I bought Strawberry plants rather than buy clothes with her!!! *headdesk*

I'm just going to try to arrange a day to go the store I actually wanted to go to, that has clothes that I want to buy, and then we'll be good.

I swear to god, if I didn't need new clothes for interviews and a hopefully new job that is office related and not in a factory/warehouse setting, I 'd just say fuck it and live in jeans for the rest of my life. I know I would be happier.


Cut for discussion of personal triggers in TV/Movies. Nothing graphic or sexual.

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So, and I have no fucking clue how this happened, but both the cable box and my Wii aren't working right now. That means that the only thing I have for entertainment in the front room in my computer, crochet, and whatever books are in the house.

Now, don't get me wrong, I can keep myself entertained by reading or crochet just fine. But I'm used the the background noise of the tv. Even just having the volume on like 4, so there is at least the picture there as a slight distraction for me.

My ADD is kicking in hard right now. Multiple inputs are like a necessity for me. I can't focus on just one thing. My attention starts to wander, and then I get twitchy because there is nothing to switch back and forth between, and then bad things happen.

The worst is that Ba's tv works, but I can't watch it, because that is HER tv, and I can't go in her room when she's sleeping, or take her box, because it keeps her calm. And with her Alzheimer's, calm is good.

The plan is to put her to bed, and then read a bit, take a bath (I smell like campfire, which is good while the fire is going, and bad when you're trying to sleep, and then sleep.

Tomorrow is going to suck balls. If only I could get my external hooked up to my tv, and watch the shows there on the bigger screen. There is a way, but I don't know it.

Need to also call my friend and see if he can fix my Wii for me, or if I'm dropping the money on a new one.

Fuck me!

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29th-Jan-2012 08:45 pm - Ready. Aim. FIRE!
So, my uncle is selling off his gun collection. He has Stage 4 cancer, and since he hasn't fired them in over 5 years, he sees not point in keeping them.

My response? Screw that, hand them over! We're going shooting as soon as we can arrange a day to go together, and I can get a feel for the guns.

Once I get my LTC (Licence to Carry), we can talk about what we're going to do about maybe him transferring some of his collection into my name. He just wants them to be taken care of. I want to be able to go shooting again. Win/Win in my book.

My mother's response to this? What the hell do you need a gun for?

I told her that having never fired a gun, she doesn't know what a great stress reliever it is, and how effective it is for working off aggravation. The repetitive motion of finding you target, pulling the trigger, and resetting is... I miss it. I miss it a lot. My class was so short, but man, it was the best I ever took.

And when she asked who I would shoot with, I told her of the friends that want to go shooting with me, and of my old instructors, and hello? Have you ever heard of Rod and Gun clubs? Where people that like to shoot go and hang out? There is one in my home town! They even have competitions! That is something I would like to get into.

She just nodded and looked at me. I don't think she gets it. But then again, she's never fired a gun before, so...

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17th-Jan-2012 11:11 pm - I don't even...
Found out that my Great-Uncle (His wife is my paternal Grandmother's youngest sister) died YESTERDAY.

And how did my mother and I figure this out?


I mean, I know I'm not close with my Great-Aunt, or her kids like we used to be, but I kinda figured we would rate the decency of a phone call. You know, since this is my FATHER'S UNCLE!!!

So now, not only do I have to enter a revised day off for my yearly lady visit to the doctor (That is a shit storm of a story that sums up as employment company changed insurance companies, and I never got the new cards, so doctor's office called to tell me that insurance on file had been canceled.) But I have to take off a day for a funeral that I technically haven't even been invited to yet.

I don't know whether to just sit down and start crying, or just say fuck it and start drinking and begin a life as a functioning alcoholic.

I can't even work up emotion over this. I mean, it's horrible that he is gone, but he had Alzheimer's. That is not living. Take is from someone that lives with a person with that disease.

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1st-Nov-2011 08:05 am - I live!!!
Survived the storm. Am now squatting in my aunts house, as she has heat and can cook since she has gas. It's been fun. There are anywhere from 5 to 11 people in a 4 room apartment at any time. But we're making it work. Had to sleep on the floor the last few nights. Lol. Thank god we're a family of blanket horders. At least I had padding.

Posting from my phone from work, since home still doesnt have power. Should get it by the end of the week. But it has made packing for my trip interesting. As in, we leave on Saturday, and it's still not done. Hopefully Mom will have power today, and I can use her washer. Or that the Laundromat in ware will be open today.

Oh look! Been here an hour, and finally have work. To all my friends impacted by this storm, stay warm my friends. And watch out for down limbs and wires. Three days later and they're still everywhere.

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14th-Oct-2011 10:16 am(no subject)
So apparently I've been entering the password for the network backwards, which is why I couldn't get on. Fixed it. And yay!!!! I have Netflix again. And fic! Which is what l was really killing me. Because my job is so damn mindless, I was going nuts with nothing to do.
9th-Oct-2011 08:00 am - Fic Rec - Mag7
So a while ago, I posed a rant about bad grammar and even worse spelling, and how it can throw you from a story that you actually wanted to read.

I then made a throwaway comment about a wonderful fic that I had read. [personal profile] greyeyes asked about it, and like a shit, I completely forgot to actually POST the comment that I had written in my e-mail to her. I though about just replying, but then I decided that I actually wanted to share this fic with all of you, it's just that good.

It's called The Tale of a Deed by auburn over on AO3. I recently found myself drifting into Magnificent Seven fandom (TV, not Movie) due to the entire series being up on Netflix. I had read a few ATF/AU crossovers when I was really into The Sentinel a few years back, and had never managed to read anything else besides the wikipedia page so I would have a basic understanding of what I was reading untill a few weeks ago.

And then I found this story. What an introduction to the fandom, let me tell you. It's such a well though out and built story. Wonderfully world building, amazing back history and the way the author writes, you just sink into the fic and never want to come out. The characters really seem alive here, which sounds trite, but it's true. And if you're looking for something that is a little truer to what life would have been like back then (1877, post Civil-War western frontier of the not quite together USA) then read this. While I love the buddy-buddy genre that the show was going for, this fic reads truer to human nature.

It's long, just shy of 140K words, but that just makes it better. It's like the fic that just keeps giving. Even if your not in this fandom, give the story a try.

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Holy Shit you guys, HOLY SHIT!!!

So, there is someone on the hill behind my house that has a cannon, I'm not kidding. Like, legit has something that sounds like there setting off morter fire every now and again. It's not often, like four times since I moved in back in April, but still.

Usually, it's only doing the day hours, but tonight they set it off at 8:30! WTF?!?! It's already dark here! NO! BAD CANNON PEOPLE!!!

And I know I'm not imagining it, as my aunt heard reports come over her police scanner (her husband is a retired police officer, and leaves it on for nostalgia reasons.) about it. So there.

I'm going to Lowes, buying a bag of Quik-crete, and then having a 'blast' with someone little toy if they keep this shit up. No lie!

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Nothing like reading a fic, and then having this His cleaver hands made quick work of holster and fly buttons... happen.

I actually stopped reading and tried to picture that. Someone who're trying to give a blowjob with cleavers for his hands trying to remove the other man's pants without slicing off his dick or balls.

Because I gotta tell you. If I happened to be a guy, and the guy about to give me a BJ had cleavers for hands, I wouldn't be getting any that night, and neither would they.

Clever hands? Now that, I'm all on board for! I'll take clever hands over cleaver hands any day of the week.

*goes back to her fic* I get a feeling that the entire fic is going to be like this. Periods seem to be a foreign concept to this author.

EDIT: Oh for the love of... WANDERING HANDS, not wondering hands. And HIS won't thrust. HE will, his won't. Hells bells, get yourself a damn Beta-reader, or stop sucking so much. I literally get thrown from the fic every damn typo. Which wouldn't be so bad, if they weren't EVERY OTHER LINE!!!

Still reading though. Now it's just a matter of pride. No stupid typos are going to keep me from reading this fic!

Editing the EDIT: Okay, I lied. Typos weren't enough to keep me away, but a dragging plot and horrible writing were. This is what I get for reading AWESOME!FIC of AWESOMENESS!!! at work today. Now, nothing compares to it.

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21st-Sep-2011 09:00 pm - Google Docs is my friend...
So, I figured out how to 'hack' the computer at work. In that, I mean that I figured out how to turn the address bar back on after they disabled it so we couldn't navigate away from the company's deticated server page.

Having a working knowledge of computer short-key commands is a good thing some times.

So, during break, and when work is so slow I honestly just open my kindle and read for 20 minutes before the next batch of work makes it through the doors, I have taken to plugging away at whatever I have loaded up into GD.

At the moment, I'm plugging away at a Dresden prompt, a probably never-to-be-posted Avenger Movie verse fic (given that the movie isn't even out yet... this amuses me), and that fic that only CassieJamie will have any idea about from when we were in school together.

Yes dear, it's not dead. Just in what amounts to a lifetime movie level coma. You know the ones, where the person gets hit by a car (in this case, the muse packed up and went on a vacation to Tahiti) and then spends years in a coma, only to wake up and have no idea that time has passed, while the rest of the world went on without them.

Nearly done transcribing the outline I wrote onto the computer, and then comes the fleshing out. Of course, I've been working on this damn thing for what, like four years now? Hell might just freeze over before I actually get it done. But, given that none of you have actually (with the exception of CJ) read this, I think I'm safe. *grins*

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17th-Sep-2011 11:05 pm - Sims3
I have three games that I'm playing in Sims3 at the moment. One is a self insertion, since I think that is required in EVERY version of Sims ever made.

The second is a family named Kirk McCoy. Because yes, I am the person that made Jim and Bones husband and husband. And yes, Bones is a doctor and Jim is in the astronaut program. Though the police keep making a bid on him.

And the third game that I just started today is the Stark-Rogers family, in which Steve just started in the police department and Tony is now a lab rat.

I kinda wanna make a Xavier/Lehnsherr household, but I have no idea what I would make Erik. Obviously Charles in a teacher, or something like that, but Erik? IDK.

Actually, now that I think about it, I want to make the Dresden/Marcone household with Harry as a cop and John as a criminal, because the hilarity of that situation is just to much fun not to be had.


Something tells me that I'm going to regret putting Sims3 back on my laptop.

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10th-Sep-2011 09:26 pm - Can one have a seafood hangover?
Went to the Seafood Festival at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire yesterday. Wandered up and down the strip a good three times, which explains why my hip feels like I've been slamming it with a hammer.

We must have been there for a good seven hours. In that time, I managed to eat:

(split with my father)
Half a lobster
Half a plate of steamers

(split with my best friend)
Half an order of fried clam strips
Half an order of fried clam fritters

(split with my brother)
a 'Greater Tatter' - which is a potato that is sliced in a spiral and then deep fried.

When we got on the bus to go back to camp, I thought they would have to roll me off. *lol* For me, that is rather a large amount of food. And it's not like the portions were small either. Well, okay, the steamers were a little small, but still, Seafood Coma!!!


Now, just sitting on my grandmother's couch while she rubs the kitchen table for the next hour or so. I'll follow her into the bathroom and make her change if she had the accident I think she did, and then change her clothes later tonight. I'll try to get on her the porch for a bit. It'll do her good to get outside for a while.

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8th-Sep-2011 11:02 pm - Suits, how could you do this to me?
I can't....

I can't even...





*incoherent with rage/anger/love/fear/shock/luct/oh-fuck-me-did-that-really-just-happen???*

I swear by all the little gods and fishes, if I wake up tomorrow with a huge hocking skunk strip in my hair from the stress of waiting a freaking YEAR to find out what the hell is going to happen, I WILL NOT BE SURPRISED!!!

(I will post a more coherent review of the show/season once I calm down and re-watch it. For tonight, I'm going to goddamn bed)

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So, had my second interview today. I must have impressed them, because they asked be to come back Tuesday and fill out paperwork!

This is good, and bad. Good, because YAY job. Bad, because the hours are all over the place, I would HAVE to work Saturday, I need to get a license to sell insurance in Mass, which means that I have to spend over $400 dollars just to be ABLE to start working.

I'm going to take the weekend and think about it. Because while the POTENTIAL for money is there, I'm not really in a position where I can drop nearly $500 just to be able to do a job. Yes, I can recoup that, but I'm living pay check to pay check as is.

This means that I now have four jobs. Factory, Lawyer, Working for my mother to take care of Ba, and now this. Though technically, I haven't signed up for this one, so one could argue that Schrodinger is my supervisor. *grins*


Ba is already sleeping. This is great, in that I can get all my laundry done while she is out, but it means there is a high chance that she will be up all night and I'm going to be cranky as hell tomorrow when I go to New Hampshire.

*sighs* Life, it never works the way we want it too.


BORED!!! So bored I've taken to Google-ing Line Art, and printing out the ones that look interesting so I can take my crayons that I have and color them.

Yes, I should be exercising, but I find that the appeal of getting in shape looses some of it's sparkle when I have to wait to be able to go to my parent's house to take a shower, rather than just going up stairs to do it.

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31st-Aug-2011 06:29 pm(no subject)
Had an interview for a new job today. If I had known that it was literally going to be 'Walk in, sit down, talk for ten minutes to see if your a serial killer in the making, YAY!! you're not, walk out', then I wouldn't have taken the entire day off of work.

More so since I had new shoes, hadn't broken them in, and now have band-aids on my heels since they rubbed my poor feet raw. Half afraid I'm going to sprout blisters tomorrow. That't it. when I go back for my second interview (Because YAY!!! I get to go back!!!) I'm wearing the Hooker Boots.

Not that they're really Hooker boots, you understand. They're knee height, zip up boots that hug my calves. Pleather, not real or anything. The name comes from when I was still going to STCC, and my Law teacher made a comment about shoes for some reason, something to do with a hooker being killed in a case we had been studying I think, and I hiked my jeans up to my knees, stuck my foot in the air, and asked if those were the kind of boots he had been talking about.

And thus, the Hooker Boots got their name. And yes, these are the SAME boots. Over five years, and these suckers have never let me down.

Back to the interview, it's for Entry and Mid-level management for a new office they're opening in Springfield. The company is based out of Connecticut, but they want to branch out, and are moving north. The fact that I was Second Key at the book-store is a feather in my cap, because even thought I wasn't officially Assistant Manager, I have the experience of being a lead to other people.

I really hope that they decide they like me and ask me on. While I'll miss being able to wear jeans and sneakers to work every day, and it'll suck building a whole new wardrobe for an office job rather than using what I already have, the pay will be better, and I should actually have a chance for advancement, rather than still being a temp more than a year after current job hired me.

Wish me luck! I should know by late Friday! Oh god, the wait is going to kill me.

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27th-Aug-2011 02:24 pm(no subject)
I kind of want to go outside and take 'Before' pictures, so that Monday/Tuesday, the 'After' pictures will have more effect.

Given that the rain has been steadily getting harder, I think not though.

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Well, as ready as anyone can be. The rain started about a half hour ago. We took the smaller A/C unit out of the window upstairs, and have been stocking up on food, water, and ice for the cooler in case the power cuts out.

Depending on whether or not they keep the state of emergency going, Mom may have to go to work. She's second in charge of the kitchen at the Hospital in town, so she'll have to be there. And Aunt works at the local Wal-mart Pharmacy, so she may have to go in as well. If that happens, I'll have Dad and Brother come hang out up here with me, so I'm not here alone with her. Because conditions being what it looks like it will be, Imm not going to be able to deal with her alone.

Flooding shouldn't be a big problem. Yes, the river is behind the house, but there is a good 75-90 feet rise between the house and it. The worry I have is trees. We have some big ones near the house. And the last thing I want/need to have them blow over and land on the house or car or anything else.

I've pretty much given up going in to work on Monday. Even if it's not a state of emergency, then the roads are probably going to be crap and there is no way in hell I'll be able to make the drive. Or for the girls to make it out here. Oh well.

To those closer to the shore, good luck. Batten down the hatches and I'll see you all Monday.

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23rd-Aug-2011 08:46 pm(no subject)
Nothing more annoying than going through your books, trying to decide what to donate and what to keep, and realizing that more than half of your stuff is still in boxes and tubs buried deep in the basement of your other house.

I have half of series here. Like books 1-4, and then 5, 6, and then 9-11, but the rest are missing. I know that I actually own them, I remember buying them. But I have moved and packed and shifted stuff so many times in my parent's house, that trying to find anything is going to SUCK BALLS.

I get to crawl through the basement tomorrow and see what I can find to bring up to Ba's, and for the rest of the week, until this weekend, in which my friend has offered to come up and help my clean out the attic here and make the front room up there a mini library for me.

I will mostly be totes, but I have two bookshelves that I plan to haul up there, and I'm sure I can just stack stuff until I can get more. No one other than me ever goes up there at this point, so I'm good there. Once I get the attic squared away, it will be easier to keep track of what I actually do own. Up there will be books that I have, and don't want to get rid of, like my complete collection of Mercedes Lackey Valdamar books, and Ann McCafferey's Pern books. Most of my romance will get regulated up there, like JD Robb. I love Nora, don't get me wrong, but I have like 30+ of them. They can get stored away until I want to re-read them.

Like I fell and broke my leg and can't move and need something.

Mostly, it will be books that I've had forever, and haven't managed to read yet. Like Jack Whyte's Camulod Chronicles (the story of King Arthur - beginning with his Great-Grandfathers.) Or Stephen Lawhead (more Arthur), Joan Hess, and such.

And books that I still re-read. Like Deaver, Reiches, Butcher, Armstong, Flynn. Oh! and Hooper. Which reminds me, I need to see when her new books is coming out.

To Goodreads!

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Bought Wii Active yesterday. Of course, when I did, they forgot to put the leg strap in as I got it used, but still. Ended up not doing it last night, as she refused to go down last night. In fact, she scared the crap out of me at about one am when she knocked a photo frame over.

I somehow managed to sleep through her pulling the Venetian blind down off the window thought. I'm wondering if she knocked the photo over when the blinds came down though. Since I wake up when she makes big noises like that.

Now, just chillin in the house, folding clothes, and building up the urge to turn on the Wii and try my new game out. Either that, or keep watching the Bourne trilogy for the hundred-thousandth time.

I really wish I was kidding, but no. Though now, I can claim it's for plot research! Because I need another story like a hole in my head.

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18th-Aug-2011 07:13 pm - Look, I'm trying colors....
I have a Yoga Mat.

It is Hot Pink.

Yes, I said pink. Hot pink. With FLOWERS!!!

No, pod people weren't involved in this purchase of this. I find as I age, that the huge pile of 'OH-MY-GOD-NO!!!' reaction I had to pink and other such colors fading slowly.

I will never be that person that has bright colors on all the time. But I will wear them as accents, or in slightly muted tones (like my current shirt), or as accessories.

And I will still have more greens and blues and browns in my closet than anything else. Because really, this is me we're talking about.

But still. Hot Pink Mat.

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Nothing like getting into your exercise routine, and then have someone kick you from it right in the middle of a prepetition. Ba started heading toward the bathroom right in the middle of a set of leg lunges, and it screwed my score all to hell.

I'm trying to start working out on the Wii Fit every night. I hate the way my legs look, and my arms have no strength to speak of. My balance is shot to hell because my core muscles are crap.

While I'm happy with my body type and the way I look, I just want to increase my muscle mass, and tighten up my muscles so that I don't feel so weak all the time.

Plus, with the cruise looming closer, I really want to look good for that. And hey, I have the Wii Fit, I might as well use it, right? It's not like I have the money or the time to go to the gym or to train outside the house.

Do however need to get a few things. There is a cover for the Wii on e-bay that I really like. It would make doing planks and other moves where you need to put your hands or arms on the Wii Board (and any of you that have one will admit to, hurts due to the bumps they put in for traction) so much better to have that cushioning there. It's secured with elastic and Velcro, so it won't move.

The other thing I need is a yoga mat. We have short pile carpet, and it's hell on the knees and hands when your doing strength training and yoga. I can get the mat at Wal-Mart tomorrow. The cover may take a little while to come in.

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15th-Aug-2011 08:00 pm - Writer's Block: Friends 4 ever
Do you have a best friend? How old is your friendship?

Yup. My best friend (who isn't on LJ, and I won't say her name) and I have been friends for, good grief! Over 20 years. Let's see... I was 5 when she moved across the street so...

*does a little mental math*

22 years this summer.

Lord and Lady. How the time does fly. Granted, there were years that we didn't talk (like after she ratted me out when she got caught shoplifting, and I get caught as well) and when I was away at college and not really home a lot.

But ours is the kind of friendship where we can not talk for days, weeks, or months, and then we call each other, and we're right where we left off.

She's my sister in everything but blood, but that's the one thing that has never mattered between us.
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