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Have made the decision to finally buckle down and WATCH Teen Wolf… 
10th-Mar-2013 10:37 am
Have made the decision to finally buckle down and WATCH Teen Wolf rather than just read all the Sterek fanfic I can get my hands on. I've done the first ep, but never managed to go back and watch more. Well, no, that's a lie. I've watched chunks of the episodes, but not all in one sit through. There is a high embarrassment factor when it comes to the character Stiles most of the time, and as he's my favorite, some scenes are hard to watch. Like, I've had to pause even the little chunk I've been watching and walk away for a moment.

Which is a major reason I hate watching live tv. If something happens, then I can't just pause it, get up, and come back in a minute. It's suffer through and keep going. But then again, that might actually be better than stewing over whatever it is that bothers me about a particular scene. *shrugs*

But yes, actually watch all the episodes all the way through. Since you know, I know have Teen Wolf Fanfic pending in my GDrive. *hands head*

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