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Meta Thoughts - LOTR:TT 
5th-Jan-2013 08:34 pm
Watching LOTR:TT, and I occurs to me, that (Movie) Helm's Deep was not designed all that well. I mean, you're backed into a canyon, with a funnel approach. Why the hell to you not have posts on the walls to shoot people riding up to the wall face? Catapults are known technologies, they're used in Minas Tirith. Stick some of those behind your wall and lob fire bombs on approaching armies!

Speaking of the wall, make it higher! It's the OUTER WALL!! That should be at least level with the fricken main keep! And for god's sake, get rid of the hole. If you're going to have an opening that can destroy the entire base, do a better job of hiding it. Otherwise, it's the Death Star all over again.

And put a damn backside to that wall. I mean, for god's sake, all it takes is one miss-step and some pore Rohirrim is going to be pancaked on the ground!


This moment of Meta brother to you by me wanting to see the scene where Éomer first appears, and then just never turning off the movie.

EDIT: Also, Wilhelm Scream appearance!!! By a falling elf no less! *gigglesnort*

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