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I live! Things have been.... stressful in my family as of late. We… 
29th-Dec-2012 07:29 pm
I live!

Things have been.... stressful in my family as of late. We lost my Grandmother at the end of October to old age/Alzheimer's, and then 5 weeks later, my Uncle lost his fight with lung cancer.

I just, haven't really been in a chatty, fic writing mood. I'm hoping the job interview on Monday goes well, so that I can get the hell out of my shithole of a job and tell the office that I've been half-timing in that I have somewhere full and don't need them any more. Because as nice as my new boss is, I can only take 14hr days for so long.

Things that are new:

I have a new car! A Jeep Compass, 2007. Red, sun roof, 6 cd changer. I like, though it's been odd adjusting from my Grand Cherokee. (Yes, they are both Jeeps. I live in New England. SUV's and trucks are a requirement. None of this car crap. We get snow out the wazoo, I need something that can clear a snow bank without a plow.)

Have a 3rd job, as mentioned above. Another lawyer, who is super nice, and wants me full time, but can't do insurance or take taxes out of my pay. I'm not paying in at the end of the year with no insurance. Hence, Job interview on Monday. It's another temp agency, but this one should get me temp to hire with an actual hire, rather than cutting my hours, as current job has done.

Thank god for other part-time, as I can actually pay the bills. Kinda. Some are a day or two late as I wait for pay-day, but they get paid.


Anyone doing anything good for New Years? I think, after we finish moving the aunt into her new house, we're just going to sit on her couch and watch the ball drop. I'm all for sleeping there and then hanging out on Tuesday, but we'll see.

Hope to get the fic juices going. I have a Bond/Sherlock that looks promising, I just need to flesh out a few things. It's been hard to find the drive since I lost all my old fic. 10+ years of stories gone. I just kinda gave up after that. Maybe Bond/Lock will get it going again.

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