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Reach For The Moon
If You Fall Short, You May Land On A Star
What a horrible week. Between my Grandmother passing last Thursday… 
26th-Oct-2012 11:10 pm
What a horrible week. Between my Grandmother passing last Thursday (I'm fine. No, really. This was more of a mercy passing than anything else. She had Alzheimer's, and had a stroke back in April. Trust me, what she was doing wasn't living. And it was super quick. The nursing home said it looked like a massive heart-attack and she was gone in a manner of minutes.) and then essentially being told "Sorry for your loss, you get no bereavement, enjoy your unpaid time off", by my job.... Yeah.

Let me tell you, having to go in for overtime on Saturday just to get paid for a full week? Blows chunks. Took Friday off though. I was going to work, if only for the distraction, but Mom wanted me home to help clean and get things ready. And then just sat on the couch with her once she got most of the Funeral things planned, and just hung out with her. I would have loved to be with her more this week, but of course, this is the one week of the year where we have 4 10hr days and then Friday off.

So me having to work today wasn't overtime, but again "Get as close to 40 as I can."

And of top of that, the ass-hat that I was paired with for counts today... So I was farmed off to another department by my supervisor in a converted effort for me to get as many hours as I could. Which meant that I ended up helping the drivers inventory their trucks. And by that, I mean that I got to sit there and wait for him to tell me what a part was and to divide everything up because I had no idea what anything was, since you know, I was in a completely different area. I mean, I work with the coin side of my job. This is bar-guns (those things at bars and restaurants that waitstaff use to get soda and such. And vending machines.)

I thought me manager was going to pop something when he came over at 3 (I was leaving in like a half hour), and found me counting and the rest of the guys just standing around smoking. I though he was going to pop something. That was it though. I just grabbed my stuff and left early. I mean, I was taking time out of my day to help you, and you just stand around and let me do all the work?

Please, please, let me get a callback somewhere soon. Or I'm liable to just quit and then get into fist-fights with my debtors.

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