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New Computer tomorrow!!!! Mom signed over the "Oh God, my daughter's… 
6th-Sep-2012 09:56 pm
New Computer tomorrow!!!!

Mom signed over the "Oh God, my daughter's pregnant" AKA - "That savings account that she set up and put a little money into every paycheck for things related to me, and then dipped into over the years to pay bills and stuff, and there is now way less that when it was full, but still enough to get my new computer and have some left over", account over to me.

So, I get a new baby. It's a HP, which I haven't have yet. I started with a Compaq all those years ago, and then have had Dell's for my last three computers. 8GB Ram, 750GB HD. i5 processor.

Windows 7, which I like. Don't laugh, I have literally had XP for the last 10 years or so. I missed the last two upgrades, and have no plans to switch to 8 unless someone tells me that it's the second coming of operating systems.

The kicker is going to be transferring everything off of this one onto the new one. Because this laptop really only works in safe mode. I foresee much cursing and yelling and throwing of thumb drives over the coming weeks or so.

But still, NEW LAPTOP!!! Money in savings account. Now, all I need is a new job, and things will be looking up!

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