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I got a ribbon!!! And soaking wet, but the ribbon is cooler. 
17th-Aug-2012 10:07 pm
The 250th Hardwick Town Fair kicked off today. It's the longest consecutively running town fair in the USA. Comparatively speaking, it's a small fair. Only three hours on Friday night, and about 6-8 on Saturday. It takes place on the town common, witch it's self is tiny. There is space enough for about 10 booths, the town fountain, the frog jumping competition (in it's 36th year!), and a hay bale course for kids to navigate.

Most of the events happen tomorrow. Lumberjack was tonight, but the tractor pull, frogs, tennis, running, and 4H things are all tomorrow. The only other thing besides lumberjack today was you found out what ribbons you got for crafts and food entered.

I had entered three snowmen that I made, and won third in my group! Would have loved first, but I'm just happy that I won something. Next year I'll try again. *grins* I have to go back tomorrow to pick up my stuff.

While I'm glad I won, I wish the rain hadn't been so bad. It was coming down in BUCKETS here!!! Thunder and lightning made things a little hairy there for a while. The water was ankle deep in some places from less than an hour's rain. I mean, we were driving up there, and I turned around in the car, and I could not see the hill behind my car because the rain was coming down so hard all I saw was a wall of white. The hill was less than a quarter mile away!

On the way home, we got stopped as a giant branch (more like a small tree) was blocking the road. Mom was all for turning around, but my brother was all "Pftt! I can move that sucker." Mom looks at him, and is in the middle of turning the car around when Little Brother see's two other guys trying to move the limb.

A second later an he's off like a shot out the door, and the three of them are dragging the thing to the side of the road. Keep in mind that it is still raining like the second coming of Noah's great flood out there. But, they managed to clear the road.

(Poor little brother no sooner got home after he and mom got home than he had to go BACK out in the storm to rescue my aunt, who's car had died and was now stranded at a gas station. I'm thinking of getting him a trophy. World's best little brother, or something like that. LOL. after tonight, he deserves it!)

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