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Some nights are worse than others.... 
3rd-Aug-2012 10:11 pm
My yesterday... Oh yesterday. In which case there were threats, police, water everywhere, and restraining orders. Let me start from the beginning.

My Cousin B (C-B) has finally managed to get a divorce from her husband Ex-B. Ex-B is, without a doubt, an abusive bastard. He has hit C-B in front of their kids before. They've both had some massive fights with each other. Which is why she left him.

C-B is with a new man, MS, who is a massive improvement, let me tell you. They're expecting a kid together in January, which would make it a half sibling to the three kids that CB has with Ex-B, and with MS's daughter from a previous relationship. (Mom died in a car crash. Very sad.)

So, C-B calls me and my little brother last night to ask to borrow LB's new truck to get one or four things out of Ex-B's house in town, as he stopped making payments on it and the bank is taking it tonight. We both agree.

We get there, and C-B arrives. I ask her where Ex-B is, and she says that he told her that the doors are open, and that he's not home. As his SUV isn't there, we think nothing of this.

We try the front door - locked. We go in the yard and try the kitchen sliders - locked. We go to the basement bulkhead - locked. At this point, C-B is half laughing/half snarling at EX-B's jerk behavior of lying about the doors.

There is a window over the bulkhead that leads into the living room. It's easy access, since you can walk up the bulkhead, and the window is lower than normal. We try that, and it's open. I told my cousin to open it all the way and I would crawl in and open the front door so we can get her stuff. She starts to slide the window up, when Ex-B's hand shoots out and he tries to grab her.

That's right. The jackass was fucking waiting in the house, no flashlight since the power was cut off, waiting for CB to get there. In the dark. In the one place that we would have to come through since he had locked the doors.

C-B storms off to the driveway to call 911, and EX-B comes out of the house, yelling that we're trespassing, and that we need a court order to get her stuff, that she's a C**t, that LB and I can't fucking think for ourselves and always do what we're told, that CB is a fucking bitch... You get the idea.

The police arrive, (two of them, thank god) and then MS gets there with a friend. All I have to say is thank God that the police beat MS there, or there would have been bloodshed. No way that he is going to let EX-B lay a hand on C-B. Not only are they a couple, but I mean, she's having MS's kid.

Ex-B storms across the street, the police follow and keep the two of them from killing each other. A tense 10 minutes later, and he 'Consents to let us get her stuff'. C-B is just tired and wants her stuff and to not have to deal with EX-B again for a while.

We get her furniture, and are trying to get her old refrigerator. We ask EX-B if the water is turned off, as it has an ice making part. He says yes, we cut the line attached to the fridge, water starts spraying all over the kitchen. I don't know why we're surprised that he lied about the water, but man....

A little tape and a quick run to the basement later, and it's off. Of course, after all that, we had to leave the fridge, as the doors outside were stuck, and we couldn't fit the fridge through the door jam.

I will say this. Finding a knife and hatchet w/ice-pick sitting within hands reach of where he was sitting and waiting for C-B to arrive, drinking beer? Not something I ever want to experience again. We gave both to the police officer that was in the house with us, watching to make sure that we only took C-B's stuff. (which was good, b/c now EX-B is claiming that we broke things while taking stuff out of the house, and that same police officer is like, no worries folks. I was there, I got your back. He's a lying liar who lies, and I'll tell whoever I need to. ILU town officer.)

I now have a few piles of junk in my basement, and C-B has a new restraining order against EX-B for her and the kids. It's sad that it came to this, but she has to think of herself and the kids. He has a history of violence against her, and has threatened MS with a knife in front of the kids before. I just hope that after his upcoming court date later this month, that he gets sent to jail for a while and we can stop having nights like last one, were I locked ever door and window on the first floor, and had a wretched nights sleep.

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